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Embroidery Type

Embroidery Type
Embroidery Type Flat A most common embroidery type.
Cap / Hat Ordinary flat embroidery with different digitizing method of middle part first.
3D-Puff Enabling 3D embroidery effects with specially designed materials, which is called urethane 3D embroidery, upon which 3D Foam-Free Embroidery can be produced with certain chemicals.
Applique Using cloth patches to lower costs and enhance aesthetic beauty.
Chenille With special towel effects produced from upward thread hooking.Boring Embroidery: incisions within selected areas using special cutting cool, also originated from certain schiffli-shuttle embroidery.
Schiffli-Shuttle Boiled or cooled after embroidering upon water-soluble papers. Originated from certain schiffli-shuttle embroidery and applicable in making curtain, tablecloth and underwear.
Photo-Stitch With projected photos, excellent gift or advertisement.

Top Sample:

ImageFile: 0000XIAA
Stitches: 21631
Size:88.6mm x 81.4mm

Size:78.9mm x 57.2mm

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Stitches: 17610
Size:76.5mm x 98.7mm

ImageFile: 00012KAA
Stitches: 13862
Size:89.3mm x 75.4mm

ImageFile: 00001YAA
Stitches: 14223
Size:62.4mm x 85.7mm

ImageFile: 01-20b
Stitches: 15529
Size:69.7 x 69.7mm